Teenagers And Mobile Phone Addiction

Teenagers And Mobile Phone Addiction

It’s not a new thing at all, the increasing phenomenon of mobile phone addiction in teens and young adults everywhere. But the recent rise of mobile phone addiction and negative psychological and physical health of most teens encouraged to write this article.

Many recent research have been conducted using various human behavior as independent and dependent factor. Most of these studies are about the effect of addiction on human beings, in particular the teen’s addiction. What we know now is, teenagers’ addiction to mobile phones is more dangerous than other kinds of addictions and it also has serious and far-reaching consequences on the human body, soul, and mind.

For starters, addiction to mobile phones are more prevalent in the teenage years. The same applies to adolescent girls who are addicted to mobile phones. Another factor that can be found is that the teens of both sexes are more prone to develop addiction in their early adulthood, which means they may have already been through their addiction in their teenage years. The same applies to the addicted youth, which is why there is need for the government to take serious measures against addiction in teens and young adults.

Besides, some researches are showing that teenagers are not able to handle the stress and pressure that come with their dependence on mobile phones. This makes them vulnerable to mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies.

There is a major problem with mobile phone addiction; teens do not realize that their addiction has the potential to turn into a lifelong addiction. That is why it is important to help teenagers avoid addictive situations. One of the ways of doing that is by having them go to support groups where teens can meet other teenagers with the same problems and share their experiences. Going to such meetings can help teens gain more awareness about their addiction.

Finally, teenagers must be informed about the negative effects of their addiction, especially to the use of their mobile phone. One of the best sources of information on mobile phone addiction is the internet. Internet is an incredible source of information for any topic, and you can easily get the latest news and information about mobile phone addiction on the internet. Also, there are various websites offering mobile phone addiction treatment programs and even mobile addiction centers which can give teens a hand to guide them in the right direction to get rid of their addiction.