Smartphone tips and tricks that make life easier

Smartphone tips and tricks that make life easier

Smartphones are part of our daily lives, whether they are used to find our way or to check if we have friends on Facebook. But do we all know their little secrets?

Smartphone tips and tricks that make life easier
No offense to Adele, the old flip phone is like Capri: it’s over. I know, said like that, it’s a little sad …

The advantages and disadvantages of tactile … And the tips to win
But progress does not advance without spreading regret and nostalgia behind it, and I too, sometimes, think back to the days when I rationed my texts but could type them without looking at the keyboard. Ahh, blessed days of endless drums and endless games of Snake in math class!


It was class.

Except that these empty sighs never last long enough to push us to buy an old Nokia 3310 – admittedly without a valve, but just as iconic. Let’s not kid ourselves!

Touch has its advantages , and if we recharge our smartphone once or several times a day, it’s good because it serves us for, mhh… Almost everything in our life today.

(We won’t say anything about my inexplicable addiction to Neko Atsume , the game that’s even more useless than Snake II but still looks prettier.)

Suddenly, inevitably, the machine is a bit more complex and, whatever the OS under which it runs, does not go without its share of little tips and tricks for hidden laptops. For your beautiful eyes, readership, I’ve put together a number for iPhones and Android phones.

But don’t hesitate to share yours!

Mobile tips for iOS and Android
Some might say that these are “basic tips”, but not everyone necessarily knows them.

Look, I myself took several years to discover the trick of pressing the iPhone’s Home button twice to display an overview of all the applications , and “swipe” those that you want to close . And I assume.


Anyway, let’s get over the fact that I just let go of my favorite tip casually. (It costs me.) Do you know how …

Take a screenshot on your phone
I know that many of us are already sharing screenshots of the crazy weather forecast or a fifou text message… But maybe not enough yet. Simultaneously press the On / Off button and the Home button.

Your phone will give you a nice photograph effect (or a sober message in the case of Android) before tidying your image cleanly in the classic Photos directory.

Charge your phone faster
So there it is very simple: just let go of the cluster on your phone while it is recharging. This results in a complete shutdown of all current applications, cutting of WiFi, 3G and 4G connections, and no longer touching them.

In short, put it in airplane mode, or turn it off altogether. It looks simple like that, butwe do not resolve we don’t always think about it.

Check which apps are eating you the most battery
It’s always a good idea to take if you know you’re going to go a day without a charger and therefore need to be sparing with your phone!

And with the new iOS and Android versions, it’s very easy: in both cases you switch to Settings, Battery (and Bonus battery usage for Android).

This will give you a list of all the recently used applications, and their usage in percentage.

Some tips for iPhone laptops
The iOS 9 update, officially launched in September 2015, has brought its share of small changes to our iPhones.

Beyond the fact that it takes up space, and that the older models are struggling to keep up with the trend, it has added keyboard shortcuts, or even the possibility of reducing the use of the battery to last longer. before desperately looking, eyes bleeding and drooling, a charger corresponding to our model.

You just have to go through Settings / Battery , and activate Low Power Mode .


In short, so many little things that we can have fun discovering … While we have not necessarily spotted the oldest tricks for laptops. What a shame. Did you know that you could for a long time …

Use headphones to take a photo / selfie
Once the camera mode is reversed, some may already be using the Volume button rather than the on-screen button to take the photo. Report that it is still more practical.

But to get farther away, or take an even more natural picture (and lie to your friends and pretend it’s not a selfie), you can also use your headphones. Strike a pose, and boom!

A click on the button used to adjust the volume on the cord , you are immortalized.

Find all the photos you sent to each other
It’s not so much a trick as to think about looking, but… If you open a conversation with a friend in Messages , and go to Details at the top right, at the very bottom you have all the photos and images that you have been able to send yourself during this time.

I don’t know about you, but I like these little memory sequences.

Clear a calculator error instead of starting over
Don’t look up at me in the “I count in my head” mode. Because at the end of a mealwell watered, you are happy to be able to check who has to pay how much using your calculator!

And I have even better for you: when you are too drunk to type in your amount the first time, instead of erasing everything and starting over, all you have to do is slide your little finger on the said amount , in the direction you want want to erase the last digit.

You’re welcome, it’s a gift.


Share your current location
Out of order ? Or have you agreed to meet up here with your friend, but he or she sucks at orientation and has been beating around the bush for half an hour without finding you?

Well, give him a boost: select your conversation in Messages , go to Details again , and this time choose Send my current location .

Your phone will send him a piece of the map with your position clearly indicated. Clicking on it will open a specific route to reach you.

Open your iPhone’s bubble level
If so, you have a bubble level in your iPhone. Finally, without bubble, what. But a tool that allows you to measure a surface to determine if it is flat.

The kind of thing that you don’t use every day, but that you’ll be glad to have the next time you’re tinkering with few tools at your disposal. In short.

The stuff is stashed, but not that much: open the Compass , installed by default on your iPhone… Then swipe to the left and TADA! A spirit level.

It’s so classy in Dallas that since I discovered it, I measure every table I come across.

And without forgetting the tips for Android laptops …
Android smartphones are known to provide more freedoms for users. Understand: you hack an Android more easily than an iPhone (which will tell you moreover politely “shit” for a certain number of manipulations as long as you have not jailbroken it ).

Suddenly, the little tips for laptops are not left out , and if I do not pretend to get them all out of my hat today, I have collected two or three!

Surf on your smartphone with a mouse, keyboard, etc.
Yes, yes, it is possible, and on all Android phones. All you need to do is get a USB adapter that is compatible with your model for a few dollars, and basically it’s good. Follow the guide if you are not confident:

Save battery life with just a few simple steps
You should know that the economy mode also exists on Android. You just have to go to Settings> Energy saving , just under Battery in principle. In an emergency, it can always be used.

After that, you can take the habit of cleaning regularly! Remember the trick to see which apps use the most power?

Well you go back there, and this time you click on the apps you don’t use anymore to force stop them. Incidentally, remember to cut Bluetooth and Location …

Send people to answering machine
Direct, paf, without trying to understand! The perfect cellphone trick to really piss people off. You don’t even have to wait for the person to call to decline their call manually – you can automate it.

To do this, go to Contacts , choose your victim, then click on the three small dots at the top right and select Add to automatic rejection list .

She will become very friendly with your answering machine, and you will forget even her existence.

Disable built-in apps
You know those applications that you have nothing to do with but that are there by default, like your operator’s friendly app or Google+? (Sorry Google.) Well you can get them out of there.

Not uninstall them completely, because that would be too easy, but at least disable them. To do this, just keep pressed for a moment on the icon, then drag it to the trash , and thank you hi.

And when you want to reactivate it, if it takes you a day, you will go to Settings> Applications.

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