Today, everyone features a mobile – the smart one! consider it for a flash . When was the last time you checked your smartphone? An hour ago? few minutes ago? Or 3 times within the last 3 minutes? Well, if you walk around a busy corner of your city, you’ll find people glued to their smartphones without being present within the moment.

Let’s face it. We are all hooked in to our smartphones. However, to require it on a positive note, there is a great opportunity for businesses to maximise their revenues by reaching majority of the purchasers out there using smartphones.

Everyone with a smartphone uses mobile apps for day to day activities like, communication, education and a few fun! Although giant companies have adopted the utilization of apps globally, there are yet many companies who are reluctant to simply accept the very fact that mobile apps are often very useful during a professional manner. the right mobile app targeted toward business professionals can help increase access to collateral, keep you more organized, better track performance, and permit you to more quickly answer customer issues.

According to Statista, there won’t be but 2.9 Billion smartphone users by the top of 2019. With the “ever increasing” number of smartphone users, daily, more and more people are browsing internet solely via smartphones. Yes, quite 60% of searches online now come from a mobile device. Common. Facts aren’t debatable!

“Mobile is that the future. And there’s no such thing as information overload.”
-Eric Schmidt, Google

It’s safe to mention , we’re firmly attached to our smartphones and mobile devices. the increase of mobile altogether its various mutations means we’ve access to more information than ever before. And it’s accessible from our pockets, at the mere touch of a button.

So why isn’t your CRM system?
While more and more businesses are getting mobile-friendly, yet there are many, so-called “unique” businesses who haven’t taken advantage of 1 of the foremost efficient and technically sophisticated tools ever made. A well-designed mobile app for business will allow you to conduct business anywhere, at any time. And now, mobile apps are easier to make , configure and deploy – and therefore the process is getting easier over time. meaning ensuring that your business features a strong method to manage relationships together with your customers through mobile methods.

Here are 3 ways SuiteCRM mobile apps can improve the way we do business:

  1. Do More with SuiteCRM Mobile Apps:
    With the assistance of a SuiteCRM mobile app, business owners can easily and quickly answer their customers needs, address leads, manage existing customer accounts, sales prospects, and do tons more with it – in only few clicks!
  2. Mobile CRM Apps Can assist you Improve Customer Service:
    You can serve your customers more efficiently and quickly with a SuiteCRM Android App. When your customers are just a click away, it is not hard to succeed in them as and once they need you. Being available when your customers need you builds trust and reputation of your brand as an entire .
  3. Maximize Your Business:
    When you have everything on your fingertips, with using SugarCRM mobile app you’ll maximize customer engagement by sending personalized surveys, notifications, and merchandise updates – which can eventually assist you expand your overall business.

Final words, mobile technology has impacted our professional and private lives alike and can still do so within the future. it’s changed the face of business and promoting new business models and industries. Also, it’s opened various avenues for the purchasers increasing the efficiency. Companies are rapidly adopting mobile technology and equipping their users with powerful mobile apps. Are you able to take advantage? Market has never been better!

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